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Levan Alexidze Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the Levan Alexidze International Law Moot Court Competition – 2022

On December 20-22, 2022 international rounds of the Levan Alexidze International Law Moot Court Competition – Edition IV 2022 were held.

This international competition was established by the Levan Alexidze Foundation in 2019 in honour of Professor Levan Alexidze, the Founder of teaching and research of International Law in Georgia. The Edition IV was announced on 5 July, 2022, the day when in 1926 Levan Alexidze was born.

The teams from the Universities from across Europe had to compete in written and oral rounds presenting their international law arguments in deliberations before the International Court of Justice on the following issues:

a. People fleeing war-affected areas and their protection needs.

b. The territorial integrity of a state and armed conflict.

c. Risks of Exploitation and Trafficking in Human Beings during forced displacement.

Following the submission of the written memorials the teams to participate in the final international rounds were identified.

The jury unifying diversity of professionals in different panels declared the team from the Riga Graduate School of Law a Winner of the Edition IV 2022 of the Levan Alexidze International Law Moot Court Competition.

A status of a Runner-up Team was granted to the team of the Bursa Uludağ University.

Ms Jūlija Banceviča and Ms Rümeysa Çelik were awarded the certificates for winning the Best Speaker prize.

The Levan Alexidze International Law Moot Court Competition was established to celebrate the life of the great Professor and statesman Levan Alexidze, the foremost authority in the field of International law in Georgia, who was instrumental in the restoration of the independence of Georgia and in ensuring in its Constitutional framework that the legislation of Georgia shall comply with the universally recognised principles and norms of International Law, stressing that an international treaty ratified or acceded to by Georgia shall take precedence over domestic normative acts unless it comes into conflict with the Constitution or the Constitutional Agreement of Georgia. To celebrate Levan Alexidze’s life in continuous remembrance of his ground-breaking efforts to establish International Law as a firm pillar of Georgia’s legal framework, as of the 5th of July 2020, the Levan Alexidze Foundation established and annually celebrate the 5th of July an International Law Day in Georgia.



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