The European Union - A Confederation or Already a State?




Integration into the Union of European states - European Union - is one of the principal current goals for Georgia. Consequently, analysing the political and legal status of the European Union in view of International Law and Constitutional Law is of paramount importance to establish whether the European Union is still a confederation or has already turned into a federal state. The article addresses this very matter by analysing the International law and Constitutional law form of the European Union as of a subject of International Law from the moment of its establishment to the current days. The article first briefly outlines the history of the establishment and development of the European communities; the main part of the present piece analyses the confederation and federation models of states. Deriving from the analysis, comparing the earlier and current powers of the European Union with the legal form of these models’ principles and characteristics the contemporary statues of the European Union is assessed. At the same time, the article considers one of the episodes of the contemporary history of Georgia, which is related to the attempts of the establishment of the special status of Abkhazia within Georgia based on the constitutional principles of a federal state.

Keywords: European Union; Confederation; Federation; attempts to establish a special status of Abkhazia within Georgia



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