Levan Alexidze Foundation supported the initiative of the European Law Students Association

Levan Alexidze Foundation has been pleased to once again support the initiative of the European Law Students Association.

As per the established practice starting in 2020, Levan Alexidze Foundation fully provided academic programme of the Winter ELSA Law School on International Migration and Refugee Law. Young professionals from a number of European countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, others participated in theoretical courses and practical discussions during 11-17 February, 2023 in Tbilisi, in the premises of the Georgian-American University.

Established professionals in academia and Georgia’s migration management system provided insights and supported discussions with young lawyers from across Europe in respect of forced migration, nexus between migration and development as well as peculiarities related to the protection of interests of deported groups.

The school was dedicated to Professor Levan Alexidze (5 July 1926 – 31 July 2019), a Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, the founder of the International Law school of Georgia. Academician Alexidze, prior to participation in the drafting of the Declaration of Restoration of Independence of Georgia and the Constitution of independent Georgia, had served in the United Nations headquarters both in New York and Geneva. Levan Alexidze Foundation was established in 2019, in order to advance Academician Levan Alexidze’s professional legacy and promote Georgia’s International Law school established by him.


Feb 10 - 18 2023


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